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Anna Snyder is an emerging Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario. She received her MFA from York University and holds a BFA in photography from OCAD University. Most recently she was selected as one of the Untapped Emerging Artists at this years Artist Project, and was one of Canada's winners for Flash Forward 2016.

Stemming from a mourning for direct sensorial experiences with nature in contemporary culture, Anna's current practice examines her relationship to a particular island in Eastern Ontario, its complex ecology, and the meaningful sense of place it holds for her and her family. Anna's work recognizes the affective qualities of the earth and actively engages with the ‘push and pull’ of things, whether it be a certain essence of a landscape, or the peculiar presence and materiality of natural specimen. Through photography, performance and sculpture Anna explores these mystical encounters in an attempt to unveil the mysteries of life and acknowledge the intermingling bodies dancing around, in and with us. Furthermore, her work investigates the challenges of representation and how inevitably art is not about representing but re-presenting; working through and with materials and processes to evoke new meanings and inspire interconnected notions of being-in-the-world.

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